Sankofa Group Limited provides a broad range of services in the areas of:
  • Healthcare
  • Socialcare
  • Community Engagement
  • Regeneration

We work with organisations to provide excellent solutions that improve the level of service at the same time as reducing costs.

Health care
Our health care practice works with the NHS, public and private organisations to deliver effective medical health care services which includes: assisting delivering occupational health services, providing health services including counselling and psychological interventions. We put in place health care plans and provide affordable healthcare to individuals and organisations. We assist in delivering healthcare reform the transformation of health care provision.

Social care
We deliver social healthcare by working with social workers to improve the services that they provide helping adult services and children’s services departments produce the best possible care plans. Sankofa provides a range of independent social care services such as mental health advocacy, health advocacy and complaints advisory work on permanency planning, health social care and child social care initiatives.

Community engagement
What is community engagement? It is our model for ensuring that local people participate in the in developing processes to improve the way that public sector services are provided. Community engagement is strongly linked to community strategies to improve safety this might include approaches that reduced domestic violence, reduce child abuse, improve child safety and reduce crime against disabled people, black and minority ethnic communities and LGBT communities.

Urban Regeneration
At the centre of our work is our approach to regenerate local communities through a range of economic development strategies that help build capacity into local businesses. Our approach is one of community economic development we work with public and private sector organisations to deliver programmes that create sustainable economic development to create growth. We work with businesses that face particular disadvantages to help them assess funding, prepare bids, develop business plans and access resources. In this way we are able to deliver effective business economic development in partnership.

We work throughout the UK our offices are located at
New Broad Street House, 35 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1NH
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